We come alongside businesses to articulate their personality. Then build the tools that project that personality to a targeted audience.


We believe an experience begins with concept before designTechnology is simply a tool in that process.  Defining audience before developing brand insures conversion and clarifies connection.



Dexterous Brand Marketing


The tale of Dexterous Brand Marketing begins with a remarkable story of an economic crisis and the firing of an opportunist whom we have never met.  Our founder happened upon a magazine article in which the journalist tells of an IT technician who had worked for a growing firm for over a decade.  The company invited him to a private meeting with the company's officers.  Certain of a longstanding raise (due to constant praise for his success in keeping the business' computers firing on all servers), he gleefully tapped the button to the top floor.  Arriving at the door of certain financial compensation he found only somber faces on the other side.  Caught off guard, he straightened in his chair to embrace what was coming.  "We are outsourcing your department and no longer have need of your services" was dryly recited by the recently hired Specialist employed to improve the firm's efficiency.  Allowing a moment for the suits avoiding eye contact to glance his way, he questioned, "Have you settled on a vendor to replace the current IT efforts?" Obviously advised by human resources to be the sole spokesman for the group, the Efficiency Specialist simply stated that several companies were under consideration.   The silence was palpable.  "Might I offer myself," the technician started. "As a vendor no one knows your systems better than me nor has more experience."  So, our hero, the opportunist, left a Board Room termination meeting having secured his first client.  Bandwagons being what they are and knowing that businesses follow suit, he immediately offered his services to the firm's competitors.  Within twelve months of being fired he had quadrupled his income.

Our founder, Alan Brown, found himself in a similar situation.  Soon after his own termination, Alan discovered this story. He was impressed by the IT technician's tenacity. Mr. Brown was "downsized" (we are all familar with that euphemism by now, aren't we?) from his company for which he defined processes on multilingual GUI (graphical user interfaces) for transcontinental flights. Inspired by the opportunist, Mr. Brown turned his own joblessness into opportunity and traded salary for entrepreneurship.   Through consultation meetings he discovered that it was common practice to keep the various branches of media in fragmented sectors without communication.  To him, this was lunacy and clearly interfering with the marketing process. Hiring web companies to only build websites, print design to only handle design, and video production houses to create videos with no colloraboration did not seem wise or productive.   Why would one company fracture its marketing in this manner?  Mr. Brown's anectodal data indicated that the average business hired approximately twelve venders, and yet, rarely did even two venders coordinate their efforts to effectively promote the company's vision.  Consequently, as a company is focusing on what they do best, providing an excellent product, this marketing strategy was inevitably providing lackluster results.  Mr. Brown recognized that marketing should support the company's passion for the product it creates and unify its message under a common Brand.  This is Dexterous Brand Marketing.