Event: Retirement Party

I wanted to share this small intimate video here on our Blog.  Sure, it speaks to the Events portion of our website, but it also gives us a chance to share a life touched with one of our videos without it being a large scale event.  Sometimes it is the smaller venues that are the most important.  We have a special love for telling personal stories here at Dexterous and retirement party’s allow us to do exactly that.  This event was for Barbara Booher who served at Notre Dame High School in Riverside for 24 years. 


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We were asked by the school to make something special and (of course) we only had a short amount of time to pull it off. (Isn’t that always the case?)  We knew she walked the same steps every morning, so as a bit of nostalgia we traced her steps with our camera.  We did this so she would be able to watch this video years from now and remember her 24 year routine.  (You can skip the walk and come in at around 5:25, this part was really just for her.)

We had a fun idea, ask the students what they would give as a gift to someone retiring.  The result was hilarious, heart warming, and simply perfect.  From the student interviews we creating a Top 10 list of things to send Barbara off with.  To add to the unique request we thought it would be meaningful to have some of the staff walk in these Top 10 gifts set in time to the video.  The result was clearly a magical evening for Barbara as well as those vicariously sharing in the evening with her.

Notre Dame High School was able to share this video via social media showcasing their brand with emphasis on the Notre Dame High School family to which Barbara was part of.

Enjoy and put yourself in the shoes of Barbara as you watch…

Need help with an event large or small?  Give us a call: (951) 800-8226