REACHing for the sky!

This particular Riverside morning was clear, save for the thin layer of clouds hovering beautifully low, perfect for smoothing out the harsh morning sunlight.  Excitement filled the air as the chatter of 350 grade schoolers stood gleefully in line with friends awaiting instruction.  It was the day of the school photograph for the front page of the Yearbook.  Everyone was looking their best.

The School at REACH Leadership Academy has a primary focus on science and technology.  To support their Brand Identity, we wanted to brave something unique and different.  It was decided to align the Students in such a way as to physically embody the five letters within the School’s name, “REACH".  Hovering a camera over the Children the team took pictures straight down from the sky.  Aerial Photography is tricky on its own, without having to imagine what individual batches of Children may look like from above.  A live feed was provided to an iPad on the ground, providing a live birds-eye-view of the action below.

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This Video, is a look at the planning that went into a Yearbook cover photo, captured from a drone floating directly overhead.  Imagery being vital to Brand Identity, we meticulously went through several of the captured images taken from the flying drone and selected the best elements contained within each shot.  Shooting in Ultra High Definition 4k allowed for some very fun fly-over shots of kids jumping, waving and cheering.  Perfect B-roll for future video efforts.

Unlike a traditional business, Yearbooks sum up the experiences the School provides throughout the academic year.  Not only are Yearbook’s capsules in time, they are actually marketing tools, proudly displayed in the School’s Office selling the Parents of future Students on the School’s Brand IdentityDexterous Brand Marketing is excited to be a part of this year’s voice emanating from REACH Leadership Academy.


Need professional Video?  Give us a call: (951) 800-8226