A first Impression, like a storefront window, reveals just enough to lure passerby's inside...

Focused design and a unique user experience invites a visitor to further adventure into a website. Done right, quality websites engage people, encourage them to stay, and convey trust and personality. A simple, comfortable, and easy site visit promotes instant familiarity and encourages guests to return and recommend.


Interactive Storytelling Experience

A great interactive storytelling experience begins with concept before design. Technology is simply a tool in that process.

Alan Brown, CEO

Websites tailor made for you! Dexterous makes sites for you to update and use as easily as using Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages.

    • Websites that appeal to guests as much as search engines.


    • Dynamic content is entered once and distributed through-out the website automatically.


  • Training is included and always only a phone call away!

Website Design...

Always Dynamic

A dynamic website is a smart website. It is a website that thinks for you.

As an example, lets say your company authors a new web page. A smart dynamic website can be pre-programed to add a link to the home page, create a teaser in the appropriate section, add a menu item, and lay out a new full article page. All with the press of the save button.

We proudly use Drupal for all of our dynamic websites. Learn More

Always Fluid

Imagine a drinking glass that expands with the amount of water you pour into it. Water would never overflow and become unused. A fluid website expands with web browsers window size insuring your content is always seen and always used.

90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV.
Source: Google

Always Responsive

Like a chameleon responsive websites adapt to their environment. A responsive website can adapt layout, color, font size, or even total design based on the viewers screen size. Providing a tailor made user experience (no matter the visitors device) is imperative to keeping people engaged. Below are three main environments could likely adapt to:

Smartphone Experience

61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site go to a competitor's site.
The mobility of smartphone internet is just that... mobile! When your out and about you want your online device to deliver easy to find answers instantly! The website with the simplest most concise solution wins.



28% of Internet usage comes from a mobile phone.
A "pinch-and-zoom" site passes their visitors onto a mobile friendly site.

53% of adult cellphone owners use it to access the Internet.
Smartphone internet gives directions, recommends locations, and suggests best deals... you MUST be mobile.

58% of mobile users expect mobile sites to load as quickly as or faster than desktop sites.
Give prospects the right content, at the right time... fast! No one waits for a slow page to load.

Tablet Experience

One tablet generates as many website visits as four smartphones.
Tablet users expect a more interactive experience. They crave multimedia (video, images, games, JavaScript) to interact with, that's why they bought it! Showcase your offerings in a fun and immersive tablet experience as unique as your product.



Whether it is leisurely surfing the web, engaging with video, or shopping online, on average internet users view 70% more pages per visit when browsing with a tablet compared to a smartphone.
A "pinch-and-zoom" site passes their visitors onto a mobile friendly site.

53% of adult cellphone owners use it to access the Internet.
The tablet layout is a websites time to shine! Encourage exploration of your product with intuitive tablet design.

38% of UK tablet owners spend more of their time on their device than watching TV.
Interacting and playing with a digital representation of a product or service proves far more engaging than passive entertainment.

Computer Experience

The truth is there is no statistic needed here.
If you don't have a modern, interactive, mission focused website you don't exist.



It may sound harsh, but with the fast pace of technology and the accessibility of online access your website is your business card. All awareness, information, and updates stem from your website.

working for You

A website should make you money!
Here are a few additional items we would love to partner with you on:

  • Facebook Advertising (very niche specific.)
  • Google Advertising (Place an add on websites where clients are looking for you.)
  • Blog authoring & Posting (Spread your stories around the net.)
  • Social Media integration on your website (Allow folks to login, comment, and share.)
  • Mass Emails (Not hounding, but informing. Keeps your content in front of customers.)


Drupal is the most versitile and powerfull infastructure around.  Based on its scalability, ease-of-use, and security some the most influential websites rely on Drupal.

The backend of a Drupal website is also designed with User Experaince in mind.  So that you and your crew can add and update easily.





Search Engine Optimization.  You can have the greatest website in the world, but if no one can find it, whats the point? We provide a specialized tool that can be accessed anytime to check your standings with the search engines.